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AP20087 - Acorn Easy E-Sprayer™ Combi Pack

With its ability to distribute Easy Press Fabric Treatment evenly, the lightweight and easy-to-hold sprayer eliminates the need for constant squeezing, giving arthritic hands a much needed break. Simply press the on/off button for continuous spray. 

The sprayer is rechargeable using a USB outlet, making it a convenient option for on-the-go use. 

The Easy Press Fabric Treatment renews fabric after pre-washing and drying, improving accuracy when cutting and sewing while adding volume and inhibiting fraying. Regular use after each wash helps resist stains, making it a great alternative to starch or starch alternatives. 

Fill the sprayer with water and it can also be used for alternate purposes such as blocking crochet and knitting projects, misting plants, or keeping cool in warmer months. 

Get the Acorn Easy E-Sprayer™ Combi Pack today and simplify your fabric care routine. 
Esprayer in Package

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