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Odif 606 is like a fusible web in a can! It's unique thermofusible adhesive is excellent to use with most types of textiles. It is ideal to use for applique, quilting, embroidery, sewing, and crafting. You can also use it to add embellishments to most fabrics, to repair damaged clothing or to create hems or turn-ups on trousers, dresses and curtains. It's low-odour formula is not as thick as other alternatives and dries within 3 minutes without leaving any stains or transfer marks. To create a fusible fabric or stabilizer, spray 606 on the back of your chosen material. Allow the spray to dry. Place fabric or stabilizer, glue-side down, against the other fabric. Use an iron on high heat to activate 606 for a permanent bond.


Characteristics: A low odor easy to use thermofusible spray adhesive. Apply heat from an iron and the thermofusible glue provides a strong permanent bond on most textiles.

Provides a strong permanent bond on most materials.
Dries quickly.
Can be washed at 40∞C.
Can be dry-cleaned.
Low odor.
Does not cause yellowing.
Enables project to be completed quickly as it eliminates tacking or pinning.

Techniques using 606 Spray and Fix:A spray box will help with many of the below applications. To build your own spray box you will need 12 x 18 inch box or smaller. Place some tissue paper in the bottom of the box. You will also need a quarter of an inch square plastic or metal grid or screening. I use a grid from the gardening area in home depot and cut it 2 inches wider than the box. Fold each side down 1 inch to raise grid 1 inch about the floor of the box. When the grid shows extensive build up you can brush it off or discard and cut a new piece. A spray box with a grid gives you the ability to spray small and light weight pieces. The air from the can will dissipate under the grid and will not move around on the air from the spray.

Raw Edge Appliqué ‚ Cut out shape from fabric. Place wrong side up in the spray box. Coat evenly with 606. Arrange on back ground fabric and fuse with the iron on high / cotton setting. Fuse about 40 seconds.


Make Any Lace Fusible ‚ Cut lace to the length needed. Place wrong side up in spray box and spray evenly. Iron on High for about 40 seconds.


Make Any Ribbon Fusible ‚ Cut ribbon to length needed. Place wrong side up in spray box and spray evenly. Iron on high for about 40 seconds.


Make Your Own Raw Edge Quilt Binding Fusible ‚ Cut decorative edge on binding edge. Spray the wrong side of the binding. Fold over edge of quilt and Iron on high to fuse in place.


Make Your Own Bias Tape Fusible ‚ Make your bias tape using the bias tape makers available on the market. I use a tube turner and turn the raw edges inside but you can also use the bias tape guides and press the raw seam to the back. Spray backside with 606 and fuse in place with iron on high setting.


Make Any Non-Woven Embroidery Stabilizer Fusible ‚ Spray stabilizer evenly and fuse to fabric using iron on high setting.


Make Any Batting Fusible ‚ Spray batting evenly with 606 layer and iron on high to fuse layers in place.


Fuse & Laminate Tissue Paper to Fabric ‚ take tissue paper image and spray back and then front evenly with snowy covering. Move to background fabric. Cover with parchment paper. Iron on high. You will see the snowy 606 melt clear. Let cool and rub parchment paper with finger nail to release paper so corners will not lift once.


Fuse Any Paper to Fabric ‚ Spray back of paper evenly. Place on background fabric and fuse in place.

Fuse Embroidered Badges to Fabric ‚ Spray back of badge evenly with 606. Place on garment or fabric. Fuse in place.

Fuse Embroidery Designs to Fabric ‚ Stitch out embroidery design. Cut out. Spray wrong side with 606. Fuse in place in desired location.


1. 606 contains no acid and so unlike some other products it does not cause material to yellow even after washing or dry-cleaning.

2. Because 606 is an easy to use spray adhesive, it is very economic and convenient.

3. The low odor means that unlike many other adhesives, even when used in confined spaces 606 can be used with little or no discomfort.

4. 606 does not wet the material and dries quickly thus enabling projects to be started with only a minimum delay. Some other adhesives require a long drying period.

5. Unlike many other adhesives, 606 is always effective on most material. Many other products give insufficient hold.

6. 606 provides a quick and easy means to repair or embellish most materials in just a few minutes.


Watch this fascinating behind the scenes video and learn more about Odif and how this wonderful company innovates and creates the products you know and love!

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