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Applipops Pro Pack

How do I create perfect circles with APPLIPOPS?

  1. Decide on the size circle you want.

  2. Find one ring that matches that size.

  3. Find the next larger size ring.

  4.  Find a scrap of fabric large enough to cover the hole in the larger ring.

  5. Place the fabric right side down on the larger ring.

  6. Place the smaller ring on top of the fabric and press together. The inner ring should sit a hair below the outer, not flush. This will prevent a thick ridge around your circle.

  7. Cut around the edges of the larger outer ring. Leave a scant 1/4” or less for smallest sizes. The less fabric in the SA, the easier it is to coax it down.

  8. Moisten the seam allowance showing with undiluted liquid starch and move/push/coax it toward the center of the inner ring with your fingers. Press with your fingers so that the diameter of your inner ring is SMOOTH, with no folds or pleats. If you see folds, you will end up with a pointy circle. If your inner ring’s diameter is smooth, your finished circle will be, too.

  9. Press the seam allowance toward the center, not sideways, with a hot dry iron. Notice how even the gathers on the underside are. If you see a bulky pleat, distribute it now. If everything looks perfectly eased in on the back, with no points protruding beyond the inner ring, you are guaranteed to have a perfect circle applique when you pop it out.

  10. Allow to cool completely. You must do this. (We know it is hard to wait!)

  11. Pop out your perfect, turned edge, fabric circle and reshape with your fingers if it has gone wonky at all with the popping out.

  12. Then press straight down from the BACK SIDE FIRST to flatten. You can then flip over and press again from the front to flatten even more.

What’s the best type of starch to use with APPLIPOPS?

Concentrated, undiluted starch works best.

We recommend using STA-FLO by Purex. This will work better than Best Press or Niagara. You can also make your own homemade starch. In fact, in a pinch my mom made her own homemade starch recipe and it works great! See Ellen’s recipe below…

Ellen’s homemade starch recipe:

  • Dissolve 1 teaspoon cornstarch in 1 Tablespoon cold water.

  • Add 2 Tablespoons boiling water, one Tablespoon at a time to the mixture.

  • Stir after each Tablespoon. Let cool.

  • **Always stir before using.

  • **Homemade starch will separate. No problem - simply shake it up before using.

Are APPLIPOPS just washers?

No. That would be too easy!  APPLIPOPS rings have been fabricated from the highest grade stainless steel, cut to a +/- .001 tolerance, beveled, and are part of a concentric system of graduated diameter rings from 3/8" up to 2 1/2" in quarter inch increments. They slide in and out of each other and off their hook conveniently, enabling you to only remove the specific rings you need. 

APPLIPOPS are thinner than a dime, but substantial enough to hold the material.  The thinness ensures that you end up with a very flat circle - no thick edges here. The bevel ensures a close fold on the seam allowance side, and the flat side ensures a crisp perfect smooth edge on the applique. The deburring and polishing guarantee a smooth release that won't damage your fabric.

APPLIPOPS were painstakingly tested with quilt weight cottons for the perfect fit that holds the fabric "sandwich" just right. The heat from the rings sets the crease, the undiluted starch maintains the shape, and your circle will stay intact until ready to be sewn down by hand or machine.  You will be pleased to note that the inner and outer diameters always differ by 1/4" thus enabling you to use the outer ring as a guide to always cut the perfect seam allowance with no measuring or templates ever.

How exactly do they work?

APPLIPOPS are a ring SYSTEM.  It takes TWO to make ONE.  It takes two APPLIPOPS to make ONE perfect circle.  These are custom fabricated for us to the +/- .001 tolerance level of precision which is 5X more accurate than industry standards.

The rings are designed as a template-free applique system to be used with quilting weight cotton, not wool or upholstery fabric or silk.  They are made by a quilter, for quilters who understand cotton fabrics, weaves, thread count. APPLIPOPS are a precision tool that will always work when used according to directions.  And they will work in 90 seconds, freeing you up to get on with the business of quilt making, not quilt preparing!

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