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Nov 13

                  Honesty, quality and
  good old fashion customer service!
                     WE ARE OPEN
         Tuesday - Friday - 10am -4pm
               Saturday - 9am - 4pm   

                       604 575 8660
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Pellon Projects

Pellon 80/20 Cotton/Polyester Batting With Scrim
96" Wide
9.1 metre bolt
On Sale $136.16  Regular - $181.55


NOW available in a convenient 10yd bolt!
     Save money!
     Easy to store!
     Easy to carry!
    Share with your friends!
     FREE SHIPPING ANYWHERE IN CANADA on orders over $99

Why Pellon 80/20

Why Pellon 80/20 Cotton/Polyester Batting With Scrim is so much better than the competitors?
     Consistent quality.
    Showcases your quilting.

Needle Punched is a soft, durable and substantial batting created for quilters who want cotton with the added benefit of wash-ability and good stitch definition.
It is made of ultra Clean Cotton and Polyester with a scrim binder that allows for stitched areas up to 8-10″ apart.
It has an expected shrinkage of 3-5%.
It has a soft loft, creating less resistance when hand quilted and a soft, quilted finished look.

Hand, machine, and longarm quilters all love this blend.

Stock up on 505 Spray - 500ml Cans

Buy 3 Cans 30% Off
Coupon Code 505buy3
*Free Shipping in Canada on orders over $99

50% off all halloween & Christmas fabric while supplies last.
Online & in-Store

50% OFF SALE : PresentationEZE

50% Off Halloween & Christmas Fabrics!!!
Online & Instore - While quantities last!
Minimum 1 metre cuts

50% Off Halloween & Christmas Fabrics!!!
Online & Instore - While quantities last!
Minimum 1 metre cuts

Thank you for the inaugrel Thread Thursday.

Over 20 ladies participated.
Since this session is a lot more technical, after the talk,
bring your machine and practice what we are talking about.
Thread will make a difference in how you complete your projects
No need to be frustrated at home.
We opened the conversation with 80wt Decobob
80wt Decobob is perfect for your Bobbin and pairs with every other thread that goes in your machine.


80wt Decobob is 20% off until December 15

learn more - Frozen Ropes Syosset, NY


What thread is in your BOBBIN?

Thread that will last almost forever in your bobbin.

Less lint in your machine

Decobob thread is veeeeery fine, 80wt fine to be exact.
As the rule goes, the higher the thread weight number, the thinner the thread.
So an 80wt thread is actually quite small.
Giving the thread a tug will show you that this little thread is surprisingly strong for its size!
This is because it’s created using cottonized polyester.


A cottonized polyester is actually 100% polyester,
which is well known as a strong material to make thread from.
But when it’s cottonized, it undergoes a treatment where all the stretch and shine is taken out of it,
allowing it to not only sew really easily through your machine, but it also hides in the fabric a lot better.
This matte finish in addition to its small size really helps make it blend in.
And because it’s really strong, you have the ultimate bobbin thread.
So even if your bobbin pulls through to the top,
you don’t have to worry about it showing up.


WonderFil puts this thread on all its prewound bobbins because of these ideal properties.
There’s a lot of really great reasons to use a prewound bobbin, so don’t forget to check that out in our other video,
“6 Reasons to ALWAYS Use a DecoBob Prewound Bobbin”.

But it’s not only great in the bobbin,
you’ll want to use DecoBob in the needle to improve a variety of techniques.
Even something as simple as piecing.

 Because the thread is so fine,
it allows the seams to sit flatter and tighter,
which in turn makes it easier to match your patterns and line up your project pieces.
It will also look and feel noticeably flatter.
If you’re piecing something with a lot of small, intricate pieces
this thread will make a huge impact on allowing the fabric to sit flatter.
It’s amazing how much space the thread will take up in the fabric, and it shows!

Alison Glass + Giucy Giuce Mini Series Courthouse Step Block

This thread isn’t just limited to sewing machines.
DecoBob makes a gorgeous machine embroidered lace.
Because the thread is so fine, you can show off all those pretty little details found in lace designs.
The lace will be additionally extra soft and supple to the touch.


This week topic - Rulers - Why you need more than one!
Plus receive 15% off all regular priced items 
See you Tuesday at 10:30am

How to Use a Press Release to Promote a New Product - Newswire
Last week during coffee time a new product called
Applipop was presented.
What a cool product.
Black Friday Sale- 20% off my paintings ? Seamless Expression
Makes 8 different circle sizes: 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 1-3/4”, and 2”.
Click here to gain more information about Applipops

Plus the following Applique Notions are 20% off until November 19

Black Friday Sale- 20% off my paintings ? Seamless Expression

4095 - Clover Design Pro Appliqué Fusing Mat (29.5cm x 42cm / 11 5/8" x 16.5")


Clover Flexible Rubber Thimble - Small, Medium, & Large.

Kay Buckley Scissors available in 5 different sizes.

Wool Ironing Mat - 17" x 24", 17" x 17", 9" x 9"


TT00878 - Tooltron Canadian Flag (Maple Leaf) 3.5" Stainless Embroidery Scissors

18mm Rotary Cutter

TT00883 - Tooltron Floral Design Duckbill Applique and Embroidery Scissors

TT00115S - Tooltron 5.5" Machine Applique Scissors with a Straight Tip

Applique Notions are 20% off until November 19
Black Friday Sale- 20% off my paintings ? Seamless Expression

                  Honesty, quality and
  good old fashion customer service!
                     WE ARE OPEN
         Tuesday - Friday - 10am -4pm
               Saturday - 9am - 4pm   
                      604 575 8660
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